I've gotten a lot of e-mails from other cocktail waitresses, bartenders, etc., so I thought I'd make a separate page for their e-mails.  Send me your rants!

This may seem like a truly silly questions, but I am beginning work cocktailing at the Spearmint Rhino next month. I was hoping you could suggest some comfortable, yet sex shoes for work. Thanks!! I live in Reno right now and all the girls shoes I see are absolutley hideous...Man, am I glad I found your site. I live In Vegas and I've been trying to get into cocktails for way too long now (I went to bartending school in 2003).

Comfortable sex shoes?  I've been looking for those myself.  Anyway, I have a feeling you won't want to be cocktailing there too long...it's too tempting to get up on that stage.

Hi Dollie enjoy your website. I'm currently looking for a cocktail job. I've been studying a book called "Professional Guide to Bartending and Cocktailing". I wanted to ask you,what is the calling order of drinks to bartenders  in casinos? I worked in a gentlemen's club for a year and we entered our orders on micros which automatically came up in order to the bartender we didn't have to verbally call the drinks to the bartender. The book says 1. Frozen 2 Bottles, cans 3. Drafts, wine 4. Soft/well 5. call, brand 6. Prem. multi. I'm a little rusty when it comes to garnishes and certain drinks.

I have had two interviews with no success. I have two more this week. I really want to be a good cocktail waitress and ace my interviews I didn't enjoy the gentlemen's club.Working in a casino would give me an opportunity to learn more and have benefits.Any advice or tips you can give I would really appreciate it.......Thank you...Jennifer

The calling order in a casino is 1. well 2. call 3. premium 4. plain 5. frozen 6. draft 7. wine 8. bottle (water/beer).  When a bartender is at the well, the first thing he does is pick up the well gun and soda gun.  You want to call your drinks so that the bartender doesn't have to change guns back and forth, and once he sets down the guns, he doesn't have to pick them up again.  Nobody is perfect, and most bartenders don't really care if you screw up, but when it's busy, it sure makes things go a lot smoother.  You book's calling order could be used too.  Some bartenders like the frozen drinks first so they can get those going.  Also, if you have martinis that need to be chilled, you can call those first.  All bartenders prefer that you call all your bottles together, either first or last.  Garnishes are a bit confusing at first, but it's easy to catch on.  Don't go crazy with them.  Limes go in all soda drinks with a clear alcohol, like vodka and soda, all gimlets and "Mexican" drinks, like tequila, Margaritas, and Coronas, and in Caesars, Bloody Caesars, and Bloody Marys (I put an olive in my Bloody Marys, but that is technically incorrect).  They do not go in vodka and seven, or vodka on the rocks, gin on the rocks, etc.  Limes also do not automatically go in Cape Cods or rum and Cokes even though some waitresses do it.  Cherries go in sour drinks like amaretto sours or vodka sours.  They also go in drinks like Pina Coladas and Strawberry Daiquiris.  Also in drinks like Manhattans, Old Fashioned, and apple martinis.  Cherries do not go in plains.  A lime and cherry go in Tom Collins and Mai Tais.  A lemon goes in any iced teas or lemonades, like Long Islands and those infamous vodka lemonades.  Olives go in martinis.  Whipped cream goes on sweet frozen drinks like daiquiris and Pina Coladas, and hot drinks like Baileys and coffees and hot chocolates.  And if your casino has them, beans go in Sambuca, and onions go in gibsons.  Most casinos do not have the fancy stuff like celery or pineapples, at least not for the casino area.  It sounds like you're really making the effort to know your stuff, so you'll be fine.  Good luck!

I loved your "So you want my job?" section. From now on when people ask me why I am still looking for a cocktail server position, I will be sending them to your site.  People don't seem to understand how hard it is to get a cocktail server job. They think it's a piece of cake trying to get the most sought after position in Vegas!

I knew it was going to be hard though, but not this hard. It's especially tough when you don't know anybody who can get you juiced in, you know? Well, I figure since I have to work my ass off trying to get this job, I'll appreciate it that much more.

Anyway, take care and have an excellent day!


Well, I don't know about it being the most sought-after position...Celine Dion's got a pretty good gig.  But damn, she's annoying, and I'm not the only one who thinks so.


So, my roommate just emailed me the link to your site and I absolutlely adored it!!! We are both ex-cocktail waitresses @ indian casinos in the San Diego area (I am now a bartender/ she's now a dealer). My favorite sections were the Ordering Tips and Tipping Tips; I've always said that casino guests should have to complete a common-sense crash course @ valet before they are allowed in the building! Reading your Ordering Tips would probably do the trick! Anyway, I'm sure you get similar emails eneryday, but thanks for such a great addition to my "favorites" list, it is refreshing (as it is frightening) that not only "guests" of my casino are freaks, it's a world-wide epidemic, apparently!  Have a great day


If I could just save one stiff, then I will know I've made a difference.

Hi Dollie!

Up until VERY recently I have been a cocktail waitress at a large casino in CA. (I am now a dealer at the same casino). I absolutely LOVE your site!!!
Everything that you said is SOOO true it is so amazing!!! I just thought that it was our idiot customers that were like that! I absolutely CANNOT stand it when people whistle, or better yet from across the pit, or slot section, snap there fingers and hold up their beer with their eyebrows raised like if they didn't make a big scene I would forget that they had been drinking Coors Light every single round for the past three hours!!! ha ha ha.

The other things that I agree with you on wholeheartedly are:
#1 "I haven't seen a waitress in ____ hours." (Usually at my casino the magic number is 3 hours... which I absolutely love to hear, because, really?
. even if I am having a 'lazy' day.. there is absolutely NO WAY that I am going to be able to sit on my ass for 3 hours without getting in a shit load of trouble my my managers!!!) Or, I am walking my slots to get orders, and a guy orders, I walk around to the other side of the slot machine take orders over there, then have to walk by the guy that ordered again to get to my service station, and he says "where is my drink?" I always have to wonder do these people really think that I am Samantha from Bewitched, and I can just wiggle my nose and have their drink magically appear on my tray while I am standing there?!?!?! I mean, I am fast, but I am not lightening!

#2 When I walk by yelling (and yes, I yell) "Cocktails, Beverages" don't ask me, "Are you taking drink orders?" ?!?!?!?! No... I am just yelling for the hell of it, cause I like the way it sounds!!!

#3 I yell "Cocktails, Beverages", and the customer says, "Do you serve cocktails?" again... ?!?!?!?! Then... "OK... I'll have a cocktail" And again... ?!?!?!?! WHAT KIND?!?!?!?! Why is this so hard for customers to do? Or even, "I'll have a coffee". Again... What is soooo hard about saying, "I'll have a coffee, black... or I'll have a coffee, Cream and sugar ? And, while I am on that subject... do you ever get the... "I'll have a black coffee, with cream and sugar." What is that about?!?!?!?! How can it be a black coffee if it has cream?!?!

As for the "what do people drink" section... I had to lol on that one.
Soooo true. But, I gotta help add to your list: in our casino... Orange Juice No Ice... is always said "Orn U - No I". (Try figuring out what that one is the first time that you hear it!!!) Also, from the Asians: hot milk with Honey. Hot Chocolate, (no whip cream), and Tomato - No I" And if they drink, which is rare... Henekein.

Anyway girl -- GREAT SITE! I can't wait to email the link to all my cocktail girls!! They are going to LOVE it too!!! I am glad to see that one of us is out there educating the world on tipping and ordering ettiquette!!! It needs to be done!

And if I ever see you at your casino... I will be sure to ask for your autograph! (So... on the DL... which casino is it?) ;o)

Steph - Temecula, CA

Damn, I hope you don't start your own web site because you're stealing my thunder!  As for your add-ons to my "Who Orders What" page, you're absolutely right.  The "Orn U - no I" is actually the corrupted Americanized version of the Asian accent, as opposed to those who are fresh off the boat.  I'll make the appropriate amendments.  Thanks!

I just came across your site. Interesting read. I can relate to many of the scenes you described!

Being a bartender, sometimes I wonder if people really know what a tip is. I always seem to hear the same arguments for, and against, tipping (no thanks to the movie Reservoir Dogs for the anti-tipping rant.) but no one seems to mention the "you get to decide my salary" aspect of it.

Here's my take on it:
It's really an opportunity for the customer. Let me put it this way, if tipping didn't exist, you'd be paying an extra buck or two with the price you pay for a drink, to pay my salary, except that you wouldn't get a choice how much I get paid. Make no mistake, the tips are my salary. The paycheck basically covers tax (if your server even gets
one) The way it is now is *better* for the customer, as you get to pay depending on what my service was worth. You decide my salary. This is a good thing! If only you got to decide what the service was worth in more industries. If you hire a carpenter, you will pay him the same regardless of what kind of job he does. The same with your doctor. Some jobs are even the reverse, like car salesmen. The more they screw you, the better they get paid!

So tipping, the ability to decide a salary, is a rare benefit that you usually don't get when paying for a product.

Anyway, I'll part by sharing a story:

Female Redneck Customer: I'll get an Old Style.
Me: Sorry, we don't carry Old Style.
FRC: Oh, well I'll take it in a bottle then.
Me: I don't have it in a bottle either.
FRC: Well a can then!
Me: No, we don't have Old Style at all.
FRC: Ya ain't got Old Style!??
(at this point she looked like she was about ready to leap over the bar and beat me)

That was at least more creative than:
Customer: Gimmie a beer!
Me: What kind?
Customer: Beer!!!!
Me: No, what kind of beer?
Customer: BEER!!!!
Me: ... bottle or draft?


Hey, I think I had the same customers today...and the day before...and the day before that.  I wonder how these people make it cross country safely.

I have been at a casino since we legalized gambling in Indiana in 96. I find your site fascinating. People do the same stupid stunts everywhere. Although on the surface our basic jobs are the same, it's so strict here. EVERYONE (high rollers, employees, 21st birthday partiers) must pay for every drink no matter what. State law. We could lose our liquor license over it. So we get the stories like "I just lost $3000 to you (though somehow I personally never find it) and I can't get a draft beer? I only lost fifty bucks in Vegas and I drank free all weekend." We also have last call at 2:15 but we cannot leave. We stay and serve coffee and cokes until day shift comes in at 8 and resumes alcohol service. Unfortunately, we only have 2 shifts (a remnant from when state law mandated only 18 hours of operation per 24 hour day) so no matter when you work, you get that no drink shift part of the time so we clean and bitch and make our 4 dollars an hour. We also have alot of problems with girls raping other girls stations, especially since most of our business is regulars. We all know who tips. Not a big tourist population here in Indiana. And the "FAIR" rotation seems to be quite the conundrum for our scheduling supervisor. How do you figure your station assignments? Anyway, congrats on the baby. I truly enjoy your site.  Best wishes, Angela

We've never had anything as exciting as girls sexually assaulting each other's stations, but there are girls who will try to serve another girl's big tipper.  That's a very bad thing, and a reputation that can not easily be repaired.  All the hotels I've worked at have set stations and shifts, and there are overlapping hours with each shift so you don't have everyone coming and going at the same time.  When people give me the "drinks are cheaper at such-and-such a place," my response is always, "I know...this place is such a rip-off.  You should go back to such-and-such a place."  Usually people aren't sure if I'm on their side or slamming them.

Hey Dollie,
Just wanted to thank you for your informative site.
I'm a Las Vegas local whos trying to break the food server barrier and start serving cocktails instead. I recently had an interview but was told to call back after i learned how to call orders, garnishes, ect. I couldn't find much information on this, only bartending guides. Your site, however, was a big help.
Thank you for taking the time to make such an informative site, I truly appreciate it.
Take Care,

Good luck Amy!

Thanks for a great website. I've been in Las Vegas for 3 and a half years now, and have lots of friends in the food & bev. industry. After much consideration, and sitting behind a desk with NO interaction for entirely too long, I'm going to give the cocktailing biz a shot.

I have zero experience and I'm having my first child in July, but I think the financial benefits in the long run will be worthwhile. Any recommendations for certain hotels/casinos that are more flexible than others, as far as age (I'm 31), marrital status(Married), having a kid go? I know they can't "technically" discriminate against these things, but let's be realistic... they sometimes do....

And I want to be as prepared as possible, like you said, don't want to be the new kid not knowing a damn thing. So, besides reading up, (I'm definitely picking up the book you mentioned and I'll be checking back to your website as a regular visitor) is there anything else I can do to better my chances at getting in to a good casino and making a "career" of this?

Thanks for your advise! You're experience and knowledge is very beneficial to those of us who want to work our asses off, too!


First, congratulations on your baby!  Second, you should wait at least a few months after you have the baby before applying for a job.  Cocktailing is not easy on the body.  Actually, if you wait until December, your chances of being hired will be better because even though it's a slow month, casinos really need the extra help for Christmas and New Year's Eve.  Your age and having a baby is almost a non-issue, the biggest hurdle will be that you have no experience.  A lot of casinos make you apply online or at an employment center where it's all computerized.  If you have no experience, your application won't even be seen by the beverage manager.  Since you have lots of friends in the industry, see if they can talk to their manager for you.  Good luck!

Hi Dollie, Ben from Coca- Cola gave me your website since Iím a Vegas cocktail waitress also. Have been since í79. Our rules about a few things arenít as strict as yours. You info was right on the money! Had a few good laughs! One thing I have to add is guys who chew!! They ask for a cup and then leave it on the table. Like I want to pick up that disgusting thing. Or they wonít let you take their empty beer bottle or empty glass. I know their chewers so I always say, ďAre you chewing because if you are KEEP IT OFF THE TABLE AND TAKE IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO!!Ē Itís a health law! Donít know if it is or not but itís my rule! Of course I donít say the last part. And I donít care how much money they are betting. A chewer is a chewer! I once had this famous baseball player ask for a cup so I told him what the rules were. Well he left the table and went over to the next one and left his ďchew cupĒ on the table. I made the floor man throw it away. So when I went up to him and asked him if he thought I was kidding about taking it with him. He says does this mean I canít get another drink? I told him he could get another drink but he dam sure wasnít getting another cup!

I had some guy the other night chewing and I told him to take it off the table. After I left he asked the dealer if I could tell him that! The dealer was smart enough to say yes!

My other favorite saying is when guys ask you if thatís enough money when the tip you. I look them straight in the eye and say,  I know youíre old enough to know better than  to ask a woman if that is enough money! Works every time, they always give me more!

I still call my Bourbon and coke,  etc the old timers way. Just like left right means soda then water. Most bartenders donít have a clue what the hell Iím talking about. I donít say out because when I first started in the business I had an older bartender that said when you are ordering your last drink lower your voice. Still works fine for me after all these years. I really liked when you talked about when people ordered coffee and say coffee sugar NO cream. I always tell them donít tell me what you donít want because women donít hear NOíS!!! Or when they order coffee light. So when I ask them do you mean a lot of cream or a little they get frustrated and just say just make it normal then! They get mad!! Or when someone orders hot tea and I say to them ďblackĒ and they say HOT TEA like I didnít hear them so I always say back ďdo you want anything in it???Ē When they answer no, I have to say ďthen black! They get the message the next time.

You didnít include the stupidest question that people ask us. Do you live here?? No I commute from California everyday! Of course I live here!!

Of course I love the man that is a regular and comes to town one week with the wife then the next time comes with the girlfriend then the next picks up a hooker. And wonders why you wonít go out with him!!

I agree with you about how a girl ordering for herself. One thing I have to add is I think it says a lot about a man when you come up to the table and ask if anybody wants a drink and he his sitting there w/ a woman and he doesnít even ask her if she wants something because he is so busy ordering for himself. I find that rude! I just want to tell girls, thatís a red flag!! Haha

Thanks for letting me add to your list of things! Have a good dayÖ..KK

I love your line, "I know you're old enough to know better than to ask a woman if that is enough money."  I will definitely have to use that one.  We just had a memo at our casino about chew, that if we find a cup we are not to touch it, that we have to call housekeeping and they will throw it away.  Too many diseases going around.  That is just beyond disgusting.  And "Do you live here?"  That's the first question I have on my FAQ page.  I still get that question at least once a week.  Yep, people are, indeed, stupid.

I just wanted to say that I happened upon your website while LOOKING for serving jobs and I found it to be both amusing and extremely informative!!!  I just landed a job today in a casino in Rancho Mirage CA working the graveyard and if I decide to take it, I am going to use your advice and experience as lessons for myself.  I have never cocktailed in this sort of environment before, so your site really helped me contemplate doing it and taught me a lot...Thanks a ton, and here's wishing you TREMENDOUS tips!!!!


Thanks Cindy...good luck to you!

I just found your website and I have a few questions if you don't mind me asking, my husband and I are thinking moving to Vegas.

I would like to get a cocktail waitress job, what is your average take home daily and if you don't mind where do you work.  If you don't want to tell me where you work can you tell me the location as in other hotels it's by, is it a high class, middle, downtown, thanks this will help lots.

Do you know anyone that works at like the spearmint rhino as a cocktail waitress, I was wondering how much they make there.

Thanks Kori

I don't know anyone who works at the Spearmint Rhino, but I'm sure they make tons of money.  Oh, you meant as a cocktail waitress!  I don't know any cocktail waitresses there either.  If you read through my web site you won't find out where I work or how much I make, but you'll find all the information you need to become a cocktail waitress.  Good luck!

Hi Dollie,

    First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to create such a interestine and very useful website!!

    My name is Grace and currently I live in California but plan to move out to Las Vegas to continue my education at UNLV for nursing.  My goal is to work part time as a cocktail waitress while attending full-time at UNLV.  I do have a couple years experience as a cocktail waitress so I am hoping that it wont be any different up there.

  If you dont mind, I would like to know what an average cocktail waitress makes. I know that it varies depending on where you work and how good one is. But what is the avaerage a cocktail waitress makes working at a well known casino?

If you have any more information on cocktail waitresses working at a casino such as what their shift if one works evenings and any other tips, please let me know.

Thank you so much for taking the time. ; )  And congratulations on your new  baby!


You'll find all the information on my "So You Want My Job?" page.  If you're looking for a part-time job that will accommodate your schooling, a local bar will be better.  Casinos require new girls to be available whenever they need them.  But you may get lucky and find a casino that will try to work around your schedule.  Good luck!

Cocktail Doll-

I just came across your website and I found it very humourous! (Especially because I've encountered many of these situations serving drinks to the moronic drunks in Wisconsin)  I recently moved here from Wisconsin and I am persuing a cocktailing position.  I did waitress for the past five years in WI at a very lucrative bar next to Lambeau Field. (Where the Green Bay Packers play, in case you hate football but I was brainwashed to love it in WI because that is all there is.)   I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions on how to get started since I have no formal training in casino service.  I applied at about twelve different casinos from downtown to the new strip and really have no preference, I just need a job and somehow truley like waitressing.  Thank you for your time and just a few suggestions would really be helpful.



Well, I think you are really making the effort to find a job, and your persistence will pay off.  Just be sure you have your cards and know your drinks.  In general, I would say it's better to work at a bigger, newer casino, or a "locals" place, like a Station casino, or a "hip" place, like the Hard Rock or The Palms.  Avoid, like the plague, any place that sells dollar shrimp cocktails and hands out coupons.

Hi. Love the site.

I am 25 attractive no children with waitressing and bartending experience from 3 years ago when I lived in NY. My only problem is that I have a criminal record. It is not extensive, but right before I left NY, I was charged and convicted of criminal mischief. It the lowest level felony. I did $750 in damage to someone's property.

Also, for the last 3 years off and on, I have been an exotic dancer. I know there is no way for the casino not to find that out because we have sherrif's cards, and the clubs report it to the sherrif's department when they hire a girl. So that would also be on my aplication.

So, if you could let me know, to the best of your knowledge, would I be wasting my time? Is it like no casino will even think of hiring me, or do I have a chance? Are there any other sites you might recommend that I browse?

Dangerous Dee

Wow.  Maybe you should be a bouncer.  But seriously, I have no idea what they are looking for in the background check.  They never tell anyone, and if you don't pass it, they just tell you "thanks but no thanks" without an explanation.    Unless you are trying to get out of the business, why don't you be a dancer here?  I'm sure the girls here make tons of money.  Otherwise, I would try a local bar instead of a casino.  They seem a little easier to get into.


My name is Shannon and I just got offered a job at a casino as one of their extra board coctail servers. I've got no experience in coctailing and applied for the job back in January. I'm 36, recently a divorced stay at home mom of 2 boys so this job opportunity is beyond my wildest dreams. I NEVER thought that I could get a job at that type of establishment without experience. Since I am such an over-achiever with any job I take, I immediately came home and surfed the net looking for information on how to be the best coctail server. I recently took a part time job at a Starbucks for something fun to do while my kids are at school and absolutely love serving people even if it is overpriced coffee. I'm constantly amazed at the people who come in and spend $5.00 on a cup of coffee and tip me $10.00 which I have to share with the others. I'm very excited about becoming a coctail server and while surfing for help, I stumbled onto your website. IT IS AWESOME!!! Your personality through your writing, is along the same lines as me. I am writing hoping for some guidance if at all possible. As informative as your website has been, what else can I do to prepare for this job? I'm becoming very very nervous because people are warning me about the girls and how "diva-like" they are and will really try to intimidate me and I'm just trying to do this job and make the most money to create a life for my little boys and myself. Again, I'm not sure if you are even able or would be willing to help me however, I would be most appreciative of any advice you can pass my way.

Have a great weekend and thanks in advance if you're able to respond to me.



Don't worry about the other girls.  I've been the new girl a lot, and I find it's best to keep my mouth shut for a couple of weeks and be cautiously friendly.  If one girl seems especially helpful, take advantage of that and ask her things like where exactly your station begins and ends (you do not want to accidentally serve in another girl's station as a new girl), rules about salt at the tables, when your break is, sidework, etc.  Find a friendly bartender, tip him well, and ask him what the beers and wines are, ask him what alcohols are on which gun so that you can call your drinks without him having to switch guns, and write it all down on the back of your pad so you don't have to keep asking.  Since you have no experience cocktailing, you'll probably be nervous when you get your first order and you're in front of the bartender with girls lining up behind you, waiting impatiently for you to get your drinks.  Just relax, get yourself together before you go up there, and do the best you can.  Save some of the pages with your orders, and when you have time, ask the bartender how you should call the drinks most efficiently.  When you take your break, sit with the girls and bartenders so they can get to know you and not think you're snubbing them if you sit by yourself, but don't give out too much personal information.  It's a lot of work to fit in and to work well with others, but after a few weeks you'll be a pro.  Good luck!

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